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    With its exotic natural beauty, warm waters, white-sand beaches and lush tropical vegetation, St. Kitts is one of the prettiest and most seductive spots in the Caribbean. But there is so much more to this lovely little island than good looks. St. Kitts is home to a population of about 40,000 who live on just 68 square miles of land, so when you pay a visit it's easy to get to know the locals - called Kittitians - and their Culture. You couldn't find anyone more friendly and relaxed than the Kittitians. The island sits at the top of the West Indies chain not far from Antigua and it was first spotted by Christopher Colombus in 1493. It wasn't colonised by the Europeans until the British arrived in 1623. Its strategic location and sugar trade resulted in an advanced development that was among the best in the colonial Caribbean. Having gained independence from the UK in 1983, St. Kitts is now the larger partner in the twin-island Federation of St Christopher and Nevis. In 2005 the government closed the cane fields and sugar factory and proceeded carefully and sustainably into tourism and, as a result, the island remains unspoiled and uncrowded. The range and quality of accommodation available - from fabulous hotels with spas to plantation inns and boutique B&Bs - continues to impress but the island is resolutely a living community, not just a tourist resort.


    The island is 23 miles long and 5 miles wide, encompassing a total area of 68 square miles. Its highest point of elevation is Mt. Liamuiga, at 3,792 feet above sea level. Daily temperatures average 80 degrees Farenheit year round, with a constant cool breeze from the Northeast Tradewinds, keeping the island comfortable. The is an average 12 hours sunshine per day, humidity is low and, with less than 55inches of rainfall annually, St. Kitts has no distinct rainy season. The official spoken language is English

    Activities this island has to offer include; sightseeing, hiking, bird watching, boating, catamaran cruises, deep sea fishing, golf, horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, tennis, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, cycling, shopping, dining, cookery classes, spa treatments and gaming at one of the island's two casinos. When the sun goes down, St. Kitts comes alive with vibrant local music, dancing and entertainment at dozens of resorts and bars around the island.

    Christmas time is also Carnival on the island and a fantastic atmosphere can be found.

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