Undiscovered Safaris

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    We have a wide range of African safaris to offer you and our travel specialists will be pleased to provide you with further details. Our safaris include luxury accommodation and we can build multi-destination hotel and safari packages to suit your needs.

    Please call or email our travel specialists and we will be pleased to provide you with more information.

Kenya - Adamsons Footsteps Flying Safari

Kenya - Cottars 1920s Safari Camp

Kenya - Elephant Pepper Camp

Kenya - Journey Through Tranquility

Kenya - Joy's Camp

Kenya - Lavish Getaway Safari

Kenya - Lewa Safari Camp

Kenya - Romantic Getaway

Kenya - Scenic Safari Expedition I

Kenya - Scenic Adventure Expedition II

Kenya - Seven Night Kenya Safari

Kenya - Swift Adventure II

Kenya - Swift Adventure III

Kenya - Swift Adventure IV

Kenya - Ten Day Flying Safari (Family Safari)

Kenya - Tortilis Camp

Kenya - Traditional Hideaways

Kenya - Wilderness Retreat

Tanzania - The Explorer Safari

Tanzania - The Grand Southern Safari

Tanzania - Saadani River Lodge

Tanzania - Saadani River Safari

Tanzania - A Week in Western Tanzania

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