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    The Sultanate of Oman is a wonderful undiscovered holiday destination. Largely ignored by visitors for some time, it now offers luxurious hotels and a range of historic sights, coastal cruises to see dophins, great diving and kite surfing opportunities.

    With over 1500 miles of empty sandy beaches you can easily escape the crowds in Oman. With mountain and desert safaris available to ambitious travellers, you won't feel as though you are following familiar tourist routes in Oman.

    There are historic castles and the ancient Gaylah tombs to visit before taking in the sights of Muscat. With historic links to the Persians, and a skyline that is still dominated by the 16th century forts of the portuguese, Muscat offers a wealth of sights and historic museums.

    Oman offers visitors a range of accommodation to suit every budget from the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Muscat, to a lovely range of smaller boutique hotels.

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