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    Nevis is a welcoming destination for people who enjoy raw nature, as well as those a bit more gentrified. There's nothing like an afternoon of total relaxation, a visit to the stables, or a trip into delightful Charlestown to be charmed by its colonial-era architecture.

    One of the last remaining unspoiled places on earth, Nevis is a paradise for sun worshipers and nature lovers. While some hidden treasures are accessible on your own, island officials recommend that a tour guide accompanies you on certain trails. Rich in crafts and traditions that fuse American Indian and Afro-Caribbean cultures, Nevis is a living Museum of days gone by. There's Lord Nelson's lookout point, churches dating back centuries, and the very home in which Alexander Hamilton was born.

    You can make your way through what remains of historic churches and marvellous old sugar plantations, explore your archaeological instincts among the ruins of plantation windmills, ancient American sites, - even a newly discovered slave village. From faithfully restored estates to the Caribbean's foremost Botanical Garden, you will be awestruck. The mysterious Rainforest Conservatory alone will be worth the trip, with thousands of orchid blossoms and splashing dolphin fountains leading the way. Dominating the centre of the island is Mount Nevis, the dormant volcano perpetually cloacked in mist, named by Colombus when he first discovered it in 1493. Before attempting the climb, make your way around the island by scooter, mountain bike or by car. An island of rainforests, reefs and historic ruins, Nevis has something for everyone and accommodations that range from historic plantation inns to mountainside villas. The beautiful tropical weather and the cool breeze make land sports a daily pleasure.

    On or under the sea, there is so much on offer! Don't miss out on the fantastic snorkelling just offshore and scuba diving around the wrecks and natural reefs. Nevis is such an Undiscovered treasure.

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