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    Madagascar Overview

    Madagascar offers an incredible range of landscapes and wildlife to discover and is a destination like no other. Visitors can see the lemurs, baobab trees, spiny forests, rainforests, canyons, deserts and beautiful sandy beaches. There are even well preserved wrecks from the 17th and 18th centuries for divers to explore and a unique pirate graveyard dating from the time when Madagascar was a pirate stronghold. Madagascar is home to thousands of species of plant and animal life of which 80 percent cannot be found anywhere else on the planet making it one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth.

    Above all Madagascar appeals to those with a sense of adventure. and many areas of the island offer a very special and unique experience to visitors.

    Visitors can become immersed in the incredible fauna and flora of Madagascar, and above all the friendly culture of the wonderful people inhabiting the island. Visitors are always assured of a superb experience when travelling to the world's fourth largest island.

    For many visitors the appeal of the Madagascar lies in the island's 300 miles of coastline and reefs. Divers can see beautiful corals and a huge diversity of fish, many varieties of shark and even migrating whales.

    The climate can vary within relatively short distances and is generally tropical in coastal areas, temperate inland and arid in the south. There are two main seasons including a humid rainy season from November to April. From May to October there is a dry season with cooler temperatures. The climate varies throughout the island depending upon elevation and the winds. The east of the island has the most exposure to the trade winds and has the heaviest rainfall, while the central highlands are appreciably drier and cooler. The capital, Antananarivo receives most of its rainfall between November and April and is sunny and warm during the dry season.

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