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    From the amazing lost city of Petra, to the mesmerising rock formations of Wadi Rum, Jordan offers a wonderful range of historic sites to be discovered.

    Beyond Petra you will find amazing Roman cities including Jerash, desert castles once inhabited by Lawrence of Arabia, and the remains of Crusader forts.

    Moving further back in time, Jordan was the location of some significant historical sites including the mountain where Moses was shown the Promised Land by God and the location of the baptism of Jesus.

    For travellers looking to explore modern cities, Amman is offers a modern cultural mix, though it is possible to find the remains of ancient buildings within the city. For many people a tour of Wadi Rum is an experience not to be missed with opportunity to share tea with Bedouins in their tents. Further south you will find the clear seas of the Gulf of Aquaba, which are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling, and to the north you can experience the Dead Sea, and the amazing sensation of floating on water.

    Best of all is the Jordanian people who will welcome you to the safest and most stable country in the middle east with their courtesy and charm.

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