• Guatemala
    Guatemala Overview

    With outstanding Mayan temples, bustling tradition markets and mountains veiled with rain clouds, its easy to see why so many travellers are captivated by this beautiful country.

    A journey of only a few miles through this country will take you to new sceneries and cultural influences. The former capital of Antigua is a gem of colonial architecture nestled between three volcanos. Vistors can travel by boat across the beautiful Lake Atitlan at 5,000 feet above sea level. Its waters are calm in the mornings creating a mirror for the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake, before the the wind rises in the afternoon and creates waves across the surface. In the surrounding towns you will find small shops that have been opened by travellers who have been drawn to remain permanently in this mysterious country. The incredible Mayan temples of Tikal are open to visitors who are able to ascend to the tops of many of the pyramids above the canopy of the forest and view the scenery for miles around. The archeological sites of El Peten are equally unmissable, and visitors will be amazed to discovered that only a small fraction of the site has yet to be recovered from the forests.

    Visitors to the vibrant and colourful streets of Chichicastenango will be drawn to the colourful markets and the fusion of pre-Hispanic and Christian religion on display in the churches.

    Travelling in Guatemala was previously difficult but is now easy and Undiscovered Holidays are pleased to arrange an and amazing tour of Guatemala for you.

Tikal, Atitlan and Antigua - Guatemala

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