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    About Undiscovered Holidays

    We aim to provide our customers with a selection of interesting holidays and memorable travel experiences. Our website shows a wide selection of our destinations and tours, and our travel specialists are able to provide you with personalised packages to almost any destination in the world.

    Our aim is to provide holidays that are relaxing and interesting and perfectly tailored to your needs. We arrange single and multi-stop destination holidays, and will arrange wedding packages with the option to hold financial gifts from your guests. In addition we can provide honeymoon travel packages with multi-stop or single destination itineraries.

    If you need to arrange a conference overseas, we can provide you with the perfect destination and hotel to meet your conference needs within your budget. We work closely with a number of hotels and ground staff teams in a range of countries to provide exotic conference packages.

    Our aim is to arrange travel packages for travellers who want to discover the world on their terms.

    Why Undiscovered Holidays

    We work with our customers on an individual basis to develop travel packages that are perfectly tailored to our customers' needs. We do not offer pre-booked hotel and flight packages to our customers - instead we work on a personal level to develop the perfect bespoke package. Our travel consultants spend a number of weeks every year getting to know our hotels and ground staff to ensure that services levels are being maintained at our destinations.

    Overall we try to ensure that our customers receive value for money by working closely with the hotels in all of destinations to pass on discounts directly to our customers.

    We specialise in multi-stop travel packages including safaris as well as a range of historic and cultural tours. Again our consultants are required to travel on our featured tours and safaris to ensure that we can accurately advise our customers on the suitability of the tours.

    The tours, hotels and flights that we arrange for our customers are only with companies that have established trading records with consistent levels of quality of service.

    Before Travelling

    Before booking a travel package with Undiscovered Holidays, we will have worked closely with you to ensure that the itinerary that you have chosen is suitable for your requirements. Some of our tours are physically demanding and we will make this clear on our website or when discussing our tours with you.

    Once you have completed your booking with Undiscovered Holidays we will provide you with a detailed itinerary including recommendations for health, visas and travel insurance for your destination. We can also provide you with advice covering local currency requirements and general advice on a sensible approach to tourism in your chosen destination.

    Tours and Safaris

    We aim to offer cultural tours and safaris that are focused on your individual needs. To this end our consultants will travel on the tours themselves to ensure that we can provide accurate information to our customers about the physical demands of the tour, and so that we can be satisfied that there are adequate facilities in place. Many of our tours are orientated around small groups of travellers, though some will extent to larger groups of travellers, and our consultants will provide you with these details.

    Our travel packages are chosen to provide our customers with a range of rewarding travel choices, with the aim of attracting our customers to return to us each year.

    Privacy policy

    Undiscovered Holidays Limited adheres to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not sell or share your Personal Data with any third party individuals or organisations. We communicate with our customers on a regular updates by email or by post with information and offers that we feel may be of interest.

    Customers may choose to be excluded from these communications either by emailing us directly at info@undiscovered-holidays.com, or by using the email address specified in the communication.

    Flight and Travel Packages

    Undiscoverd Holidays Limited ensure that comprehensive steps are taken to ensure that our customers are financially protected. Insurance policies are arranged on a individual basis to ensure that customers are protected in the event of a failure of a supplier, and our customers' funds are held in escrow accounts for their financial protection.

    Providing individual insurance cover ensures that customers who are making their own travel arrangements to a destination arranged by Undiscovered Holidays are financially protected, and ensures that travellers from outside the UK are protected.

    Payment Security

    To ensure that your money is securely processed, we use BarclayCard merchant services to process transactions. Your money is held in a secure Barclays merchant account and processed in accordance with good industry practice. Our aim is to ensure that our customers can have complete confidence in the security of our financial arrangements and their travel arrangements. Please note that full payment is required ten weeks before your date of travel.

    Your Commitment to Us

    At the point that you confirm your holiday booking with Undiscovered Holidays, you are required to pay a deposit of 30% of the total holiday cost, or £200 per person, depending upon which has the greater value. Flights may need to be paid in full at time of booking, and our agents will advise you further on this prior to the completion of the booking. Please be aware that flights are non-refundable in the event that you choose to cancel your booking. As a customer of Undiscovered Holidays, your booking is a confirmation that you, and all of the members of your party, have accepted our terms and conditions as outlined in this document. Bookings with Undiscovered Holidays, are treated and contractual agreements between Undiscovered Holidays Limited and its customers, and are to English law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts At the time of booking, we will request the title, forename and surname of all travelling passengers, and this information will be provided to other organisations that are associated with the delivery of services for your booking, including airlines and hotels. In the event that a customer wishes to make an amendment to a booking, Undiscovered Holidays will attempt to fulfil these requirements but there may be a requirement for the customer to pay additional charges associated with this change in contract. Undiscovered Holidays accepts various methods of payment. If a customer chooses to pay by credit card, or in some cases debit card, there will be an additional charge for this service. Making a payment via direct bank transfer does not require the levy of any additional charges. Payment in currencies other than Sterling (GBP) may be requested at an exchange rate that is calculated by Undiscovered Holidays, where prices are not quoted in the preferred alternative currency.

    Our Commitment to You

    Your contract Undiscovered Holidays Limited represents our commitment to provide you with the services described in your itinerary. The prices quoted by Undiscovered Holidays are subject to change, and may be altered prior to the confirmation of your booking and the creation of a contract. Our customers will be informed of any changes prior to the completion of the booking. Similarly the services that we arrange for you are subject to availability, and in the event that a preferred service is not available, the closest equivalent service will be offered and this may deviate in price from the original quoted service. A booking exists from the point in time that an invoice is issued by Undiscovered Holidays, and the date shown on the invoice is the date of booking. The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 require Undiscovered Holidays to provide security for the monies that you pay for package holidays booked from ourselves, and for your repatriation in the event of our insolvency. During certain times of the year, including peak periods, demand outstrips the supply of accommodation and airline seats, and supplements may be added to the cost of your holiday, and these will be quoted to you at the time of booking.

    Changes and Cancellations

    If a customer requests a change to any part of their holiday booking after the confirmation and invoice has been issued, Undiscovered Holidays will try to make the requested changes, but customers should be aware that the requested amendments may not always be possible. Where it is possible to make a change, a charge of £50 per person will be applied for administrative purpose, and full and immediate payment will be required for any additional costs associated with the revised booking. Where a customer changes their booking to a holiday of lower value, this will be deemed to be a cancellation, and a new booking will be required, and this will be subject to cancellation charges as described below. Customer should be aware that it may not be possible to amend all bookings, and that some bookings may be subject to 100% cancellation charges regardless of the number of days that the cancellation is made before the departure date. Amendments to bookings can only be made where the departure date is more than 40 days away from the date of amendment. Customers should also note that airlines operate cancellation and amendment policies that are independent of the conditions applied by Undiscovered Holidays, and it is advisable to check the policies of the airline concerned before requesting amendments or cancellations.

    Cancellation of Holiday Booking

    In the event that a customer, or individuals travelling with the customer, decides to cancel their holiday, it is advisable to notify Undiscovered Holidays immediately by telephone. Customers are required to provide confirmation in writing via email or letter or the cancellation notification within twenty four hours of any verbal notification of cancellation. The date of cancellation is accepted as the date on which the original notification was provided, once written confirmation has been received. A statement of the costs associated with the cancellation will be provided within seven days by Undiscovered Holidays, and in the event that a statement is not received within this period, customers are advised to contact Undiscovered Holidays to avoid further charges being applied. A summary of the charges associated with the cancellation of a holiday is shown below for standard non-peak holiday bookings. Non-peak holidays are those that do not take place over festive periods, including the Christmas, New Year and Easter periods, and may include school holidays or festive periods specific to the destination, and will have substantially higher cancellation charges associated with them.

    For a cancellation that is more than 60 days prior to departure the costs are:

    30% of the total cost of the holiday, or £150 per person depending upon which is the greater

    For a cancellation that is between 30 and 60 days prior to departure the costs are:

    50% of the total cost of the holiday

    For a cancellation that is between 14 and 29 days prior to departure the costs are:

    75% of the total cost of the holiday

    For a cancellation that is less than 14 days prior to departure the costs are:

    100% of the total cost of the holiday

    Customers are encouraged to make arrangements to ensure themselves against the financial costs associated with the cancellation of a holiday prior to booking.

    Paying For Your Holiday

    After your booking is taken and a deposit received, an invoice will be sent to you via email detailing the total cost due. Full payment is due not less than 90 days before departure. If you do not pay in full 90 days before departure, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and forfeit your deposit by way of cancellation charges. If you make a holiday booking within 90 days of your departure date then you must pay the full cost of the holiday at the booking stage.

    If you would like any further information, please email us at info@undiscovered-holidays.com


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