• Kenya
    Kenya Overview

    Kenya's wonderful landscapes and safaris have attracted visitors for many years. The national parks of Kenya offer visitors some of the best opportunities to watch lions and leopards in Africa, and at certain times of the year the migration of wildebeast can be seen by visitors.

    The amazing diversity of the Kenyan landscape offer the serious traveller unparalleled sights from Indian Ocean beaches to mountains, deserts, rolling grasslands and the stunning Rift Valley.

    Visitors will find Kenyan people are representative of the contemporary Africa with an open approach to the modern world and a healthy respect for ancient customs.

    Please contact us for more information about the safaris and wonderful lodges and hotels that Kenya can offer.

Adamsons Footsteps Flying Safari

Cottars 1920s Safari Camp

Elephant Pepper Camp

Journey Through Tranquility

Joy's Camp

Lavish Getaway Safari

Lewa Safari Camp

Romantic Getaway

Scenic Safari Expedition I

Scenic Adventure Expedition II

Seven Night Kenya Safari

Swift Adventure II

Swift Adventure III

Swift Adventure IV

Ten Day Flying Safari (Family Safari)

Tortilis Camp

Traditional Hideaways

Wilderness Retreat

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